ADMISSION >> Hostel Essentials


Hostellers are advised to bring following items for their comfortable stay in the school hostel:

Daily Use Items: Tooth paste, Brush, Bathing Soap, Soap box, Talcum Powder, Shampoo, Hair Oil, Comb, Torch, Hanky, Napkin, Towel

Pillow, Two Bedsheets, Two Cover Sheets , Blanket (For winter), Lock and Key, Umbrella or Raincoat.

 Recommended number of clothing:

For  Boys

For  Girls

Trousers                      04

Shirts or T-shirts          07

Bermuda Pants           02

Night Dress                 02

Black School Shoes    01

Sports Shoes              01

Slippers                       01

Sandal / Chappals      01

White canvas shoes   01

Socks                         04

Salwar Suits                 04

Long Tops                    05

Jeans                           02

Night Dress                  02

Black School Shoes     01

Sports Shoes               01

Slippers                        01

Sandal / Chappal         01

White canvas shoes    01

Socks                          04

Other Facilities:

 We have an in-house grocery store for students to buy staples and every day essentials. The bill for the same will be deducted from the personal deposits (caution money).

(Example: Soap, Oil, Brush, Chocolate, Fruits, Cake, Polish, Cream, Balm, Stationary, Copy, Books, Bag, Pen, Pencil and Medicines can be bought in-campus)


  1. Do not bring other article except the recommended list.
  2. Do not bring eatables.
  3. Mobile and Electronic devices are strictly prohibited for students.