ADMISSION >> Hostel Essentials


Hostellers are advised to bring following items for their comfortable stay in the school hostel:

Daily Use Items: Tooth paste, Brush, Bathing Soap, Soap box, Talcum Powder, Shampoo, Hair Oil, Comb, Torch, Hanky, Napkin, Towel

Pillow, Two Bedsheets, Two Cover Sheets , Blanket (For winter), Lock and Key, Umbrella or Raincoat.

 Recommended number of clothing:

For  Boys

For  Girls

Trousers                      04

Shirts or T-shirts          07

Bermuda Pants           02

Night Dress                 02

Black School Shoes    01

Sports Shoes              01

Slippers                       01

Sandal / Chappals      01

White canvas shoes   01

Socks                         04

Trimmer                     01

Salwar Suits                 04

Long Tops                    05

Jeans                           02

Night Dress                  02

Black School Shoes     01

Sports Shoes               01

Slippers                        01

Sandal / Chappal         01

White canvas shoes    01

Socks                          04

Other Facilities:

 We have an in-house grocery store for students to buy staples and every day essentials. The bill for the same will be deducted from the personal deposits (caution money).

(Example: Soap, Oil, Brush, Chocolate, Fruits, Cake, Polish, Cream, Balm, Stationary, Copy, Books, Bag, Pen, Pencil and Medicines can be bought in-campus)


  1. Do not bring other article except the recommended list.
  2. Do not bring eatables.
  3. Mobile and Electronic devices are strictly prohibited for students.