Swami Vivekananda said,”No nation can become or achieve prosperity without its people developing a sense of self discipline, social responsibilities and cooperative work attitude.” I’m glad that Macro Vision Academy, Burhanpur is working religiously in the field of over all development of a child in true sense.


Dear Parents, our children live our dreams and every parent’s wishes to give best education to his child. Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for future job but to prepare the child to move independently and boldly. Education from school to university should lead to the highest level of wisdon if the objective of education is to fulfillment. I feel proud to say that Macro Vision Academy is preparing the students of the future by organizing various activities for the students. It’s the activities of the Academy only that its students cleared the NDA exam in one attempt and were able to face the SSB confidently. For me, Education does not mean giving bookish knowledge but to prepare a curious students -a curious student can only do wonders. If an institute is able to make its students understand the meaning of three questions than its work is over. The three questions are:


  1. What: form, responsibilities, perspective (point of view)
  2. Why: reasoning
  3. How: functioning, change, reflection, connection to life, activity, work.


Today in the world of cut throat competition the biggest question which comes in front of parents and students is to select the institute which can prepare the child for competitive as well as board exams and develop the overall personality and it is very difficult to get every thing at one place. As a student I was not able to get what I wished due to some personal reasons and that only prompted me to start such an institute where a parent can get what they wish for their child.


Macro Vision Academy, Burhanpur has been established with sole motto of developing brain; learn to cooperative work, exposure to lead from the front and to learn to prosper through conductive environment.


The future of the Academy is very bright, besides regular schooling, the Academy is preparing its students for various competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BITS, SCRA, NTSE, AIIMS, CPMT, NDA and many more. The vision mantra is “effort, effort and effort that much effort that even if you wish to do wrong you will not be” our program and activities are guided by our mission and vision. My aim is not to be an administrator or to earn money but to be a true friend, guide, motivator, parent and above all to be a good human being and to inculcate the same in my children i.e students.


It is my sincere invitation to all parents to visit the Academy and see what we are doing for overall development of the child. Your valuable suggestions are always welcomed for taking the Academy and the child to zenith.


Hope to see you in Academy


With Regards


Mr. Anand Prakash Chouksey
M.Sc Mathematics (Gold Medalist)