Macro Vision Academy Burhanpur offers various scholarships programmes for the students in the name of our Beloved Mummyji "Late Smt.Sushiladevi Chouksey" scholarship awards.


‘Learn to give, learn to receive, learn to live!. Gifts are full of meaning for giver and receiver. Giving gifts is an etiquette of one’s life. Give the gifts and see the glimpse in their eyes when they receive along with that gift a piece of your heart.

So to develop these feelings we mentors of M.V.A. are celebrating ‘Saturday Award Ceremony’ in which we facilitate the students, of I to XII for the various categories such as:

For class I-VIII  

  • Best Disciplined Child.
  • Awesome Achiever(for the excellent work)
  • Super MVANS Award (for following rules & respecting others)
  • Good Friend Award (for following along with others & helping others get along)
  • Well Behaved child of the “Swad Sansad-Mess”
  • Best Orator.
  • Fantabulous speaker.

For class IX-X

  • Future Artist Award.
  • Perfect Congenial Award.
  • Best Orator.
  • Disciplined Child Award.
  • Progressive Child Award.

For class XI-XII

  • Progressive Child Award.
  • Latent Talent Award.
  • Proactive Pioneer Award.
  • Charlie Chaplin Award.
  • Student Of Month (Commerce)

 The above gifts are sponsored by the mentors.

Students are awarded for their academic excellence in which mentors of their subjects are motivating them by giving them gifts after every exams and during various activities conducted by the subject teachers in their class.

Students are also awarded for their best performance seeing in the cultural programme, sports events, and literary work and along with this Philanthropist and Magnanimous awards are given to the students.

To develop the habit of Speaking English in our tiny tots. We are conducting spoken English class. In which mentors teach them stories & rhymes. And to motivatetue tiny tots every Saturday we conduct ‘Story & rhyme’ competition. And the winners of this competition are awarded with the gifts. These gifts are sponsored by the institute.