About Us

Dear Students & Parents,

Macro Vision Academy, Burhanpur (2002-03) is affiliated with C.B.S.E. New Delhi, running classes I to XII. It is a co-educational day and residential school. The school is built upon fifty acres of land on the outskirts of the historical city of Burhanpur.

Macro Vision Academy, Burhanpur has been established with the sole motto of developing brains, learning cooperative work culture, exposure to lead from the front and learning to prosper through a conducive environment.      


In this age of technology, we are preparing such warriors wearing the shield of morality, who with the spirit of humanity, become hardworking, passionate, unparalleled soldiers in the battle for success. Here at Macro Vision Academy, we believe and work for the overarching development of our students, we do so by evolving with them.That being said, we have recently introduced “Maharath”, a practical skill curriculum opening students to Home-furnishing skills, Culinary arts, Fashion Designing and Financial Literacy. In addition to V-MAT, we have inculcated courses such as Brain Booster and Speed Reading to boost brain productivity and maximum processing speed.


In 2015, we introduced Apple iPads to the students, opening their world to efficient learning and prepared them for the technological revolution that followed in the coming years. We became India’s first Apple Distinguished School in 2017, with more than 2300 iPads, 200 iMacs and Apple TVs in every classroom. In 2021, post-pandemic, the institution incorporated the Interactive Flat Panel to initiate reciprocated learning for the students. In our journey to provide student the best of the times, MVA has also introduced Robotics Lab


In 20 years of our journey, we have produced some exceptional results in national and competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, NEET, BITS, CPT, CLAT, NTSE and international exams such as SAT, TOEFL and IELTS. Our students study at the most prestigious institutions in India and abroad. We are proud to say that Vision Alumnus have established their presence across the globe.


Our Mantra

"टेक्नोलॉजी के युग में हम नैतिकता का कवच धारण किए 
ऐसे योद्धा तैयार कर रहे हैं जो सफलता के जीवन युद्ध में अपराजेय सैनिक बने ।"


"In this age of technology, we are preparing such warriors wearing the shield of morality, who with the spirit of humanity, become hardworking, passionate, unparalleled soldiers in the battle for success."


Principal's Pen

A Note from Principal…………………….
Dear  Parents,

Welcome to Macro Vision Academy, Burhanpur. For the students who wish to excel in academics and appreciate you taking time to go through the website. I am sure you will find it informative and will enable you to make a decision.


MVA is an established educational institution known for the standard of care it affords its pupils and the quality of its teaching and learning. I am proud to say that all the members’ management, teaching and non–teaching associated with MVA are strongly committed to the needs and entitlement of the individual child. The entire curriculum and the activities are designed in such a way that it enables our pupils to progress and develop to their true potential.


We are very much ambitious for our pupils and each and every step of the Academy leads to the benefit of the pupils. We believe in creating a positive environment, community welfare and above all Team Work. This results in the children receiving the best education possible and happy school life.



Any information referred to on this official website may be viewed by contacting the school office.


We very much look forward to meeting you, and we assure you that your association with the Academy will be long, happy and rewarding.

Yours sincerely,

Jasvir Singh Parmar


Director's Desk


Swami Vivekananda said, “No nation can become or achieve prosperity without its people developing a sense of self-discipline, social responsibilities and cooperative work attitude.” Macro Vision Academy has been working religiously towards overall development of students and staff for the past twenty years. Our students make a distinctive mark in social and professional settings and it is with great pride that I say that our alumni are flourishing around the globe.


Dear Parents,


Our children live our dreams and every parent wishes to give the best education to his child. Education is not just a process of gaining knowledge to acquire a job but preparing the child to build an independent and ready to enter the work field. Education from school to university should lead to the highest level of wisdom. For me, Education is not limited to academic knowledge, it is a tool for preparing a curious student to do wonders. 


If any institute is able to make its students understand the meaning of the below-mentioned three questions then they will surely get the desired results.


  1. What: Form, Responsibilities, Perspective
  2. Why: Reasoning
  3. How: Functioning, Change, Reflection, Connection to Life, Activity, and Work.


Today, in the world of cutthroat competition the biggest challenge which comes in front of parents and students is to select the institute that can prepare their children for competitive as well as board exams and develop their overall personality. As a student, I was not able to get what I wished for and this prompted me to start such an institution where a parent can get what they wish for their child and the child is empowered to fulfil their dreams.


I can confidently state that the future of the Academy is very bright. Besides regular schooling, the Academy is preparing its students for various competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, BITS, NTSE, SAT, CLAT, IELTS and many more. Our students are enrolled in courses such as “Maharath”, practical skills classes, programming and Robotics lab. We highly encourage students to participate on-stage activities and develop public speaking and communication skills. 


Our program and activities are guided by our mission and vision. My aim is to be a true friend, guide, motivator, parent and above all to be a good human being and to inculcate the same in my children i.e. students.


It is my sincere invitation to all parents to visit the Academy and have a closer look at the things we do for the overall development of the child. Your valuable suggestions are always welcome.


Hope to see you at the Academy.


With Regards

Mr. Anand Prakash Chouksey

M.Sc. Mathematics (Gold Medallist)


In 1991, our founders began Sonu Coaching classes preparing students for competitive exams such as PET, PMT, etc. They observed that students were spending the entire day on both: the school and coaching classes separately. They wondered Why can't there be a system that provides both facilities in one location, which would allow students to save more time, money, and energy?


This progressive and pious thought gave birth to Anand Educational, Technical & Vocational Society, Burhanpur in 1998. The society started New Vision Higher Secondary School, Burhanpur, and later Macro Vision Academy. New Vision Higher Secondary School is affiliated with the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education and is located in the city of Burhanpur providing quality education to students around the city and nearby towns. In 2000, we laid the foundations of Macro Vision Academy with the goal of holistic development of students. With the help of our extraordinary staff and devoted students, the institution has approvingly given ground-breaking results in national and international examinations.


Our visionaries wondered about the idea of the system that further developed the initial vision. In 2007, Macro Vision Academy started Hostel facilities, separately for boys and girls, the school became a day-boarding cum residential school. Our vision remained to increase the result and overall development of the students. In addition to services like dining and dormitory, students excelled in self-studies and sports. Since then, our students have graduated with academic results and a lifetime of dormitory experience. In our quest to provide the best to the students, we introduced luxury residential air conditioned facilities for the residential students. Air conditioned classrooms and dormitories have evoked productivity and focus. With team determination and parents support, the institution has gone from 2 to 1000 rooms in twenty years.


The institution has been well established in Education, producing out of the ordinary results every year. In 2017, the society undertook an epoch-making decision of constructing All is Well Hospital, a 360 Bedded Multi-speciality Hospital aimed at providing personal and quality healthcare. In addition, we have also established All Is Well College of Nursing pledging quality education to nursing students, it is recognized by MPNRC, affiliated by MPMSU & approved by INC. With education and healthcare within thirty seconds of each other’s reach we have created a self-sufficient system. Our students have access to world-class healthcare right here on the campus. The vision remains to create a new line of medical tourism through All is Well Hospital. It is with immense gratitude that our institutions have come stronger out of the pandemic due to the support of All is Well Hospital.




Our society started functioning in 1998 with the aim of imparting quality education, developing educational awareness, training the students for various competitive exams, and skill-oriented courses for shaping the future of India.


Our initial step was with the inception of New Vision Hr. Sec. School [Affiliate to M.P. Board, Bhopal]. The efficient and devoted staff members have been successful in setting and maintaining high standards and new trends in the field of education. The untiring efforts of our scholars resulted in unimaginable and first-rate outcomes, which we have proved with our excellent results. With the core objective to impart a metropolitan standard of education, Macro Vision Academy was started in the 2002-2003 session [Affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi].


Infrastructural Developments

  • Society came up with “Harsh-Deep Hostel” in the session 2006-2007 to provide a secure and comfortable stay for the students. Society further built Petals Hostel and Paradise Hostel in the year 2015 and 2017 respectively. We are in-process of making another brand new girls hostel. Our students live in sizable and quiet residential quarters.
  • The Society believes in moving ahead with technology. Hence, decisions were taken to build a hi-tech computer lab with the latest configured iMacs from Apple to enrich the school library and other educational resources.
  • In addition to iMac Lab, our teachers are trained to teach the students using Interactive Flat Panel.
  • The foundation of a trend-setting auditorium with advanced acoustics was laid in the year 2017-18 with a seating capacity of 2500 people. Upon its completion, it will be the biggest closed auditorium in India.
  • Since its beginning, MVA has been providing the best quality food at our Mess Swad Sansad with a fully-functional kitchen and experienced chef. Our entire staff and students enjoy a four course meal.
  • With the motive of providing our students with world-class sports facilities, MVA has laid the foundation for building a sports complex, with multiple basketball and tennis areas.


With the vision of our founders, this establishment has been able to provide exponentially growing infrastructure.Throughout the years, we have also known for elevated quality of infrastructure.


Entrance to the healthcare arena


With the objective to provide cost-effective universal healthcare services to the people, the Society decided to build a Multispecialty Hospital and was named All Is Well. The foundation of All Is Well was laid on Wednesday, the 05 April 2017. Our students have access to world-class medical facilities within minutes of their reach.


Serving delicious food


A dream restaurant in Burhanpur with great ambience, excellent services and delicious food.It brings us delight to introduce NaCl fine-dine-in restaurant and bakery, feasting Punjabi, North Indian, Indian, and Continental cuisine. Our students are regaled with excellent food. At our in-house bakery, we teach and offer students a variety of breads and cakes.


Future Plans

The Society further wishes to build a separate block for Oncology (Cancer Department) by 2025.