Introducing MVA's Boarding: Your Child's Second Home

MVA's Boarding is not just another residential school, it is a home away from home for your child. We believe that every child deserves a nurturing and holistic environment to thrive in, and our boarding facilities are designed to provide just that.

Welcome to the Future of Boarding: Discover MVA's Residential Facilities

Our boarding facilities are unlike any other, where the focus is on fostering meaningful relationships and instilling important values in our students. At MVA's Boarding, we create Mindful Living Abodes for a residential experience where every aspect of your child's life is designed to promote mindfulness and well-being. From the food they eat to the activities they engage in, every element is tailored to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Experience Pure Air and Wholesome Food at Student Residences

Our student residences are not just living spaces, but an integral part of our philosophy of holistic development. Our hostels are thoughtfully designed to offer a comfortable and safe environment for our students. We provide pure air to breathe and wholesome food to eat, just like at home.

A Haven of Happiness

Our sprawling campus nestled amidst serene surroundings boasts of our residential wings that were added to our feathers of pride in 2007. We believe that having our students on campus 24/7 is directly linked to their extraordinary academic results.

At MVA, we provide a safe and secure environment for our students, giving them ample time to focus on their growth and development. Our residential wings for boys and girls are separate, ensuring the highest level of safety and comfort.

We offer a broad range of accommodation choices for our students, each designed to cater to their unique needs. Our residences have generous common spaces that foster intellectual and social interaction for lasting friendships and academic stimulation.

Our campus is a hub of activity, buzzing with happy students engaged in various sports, cultural and social events. With facilities designed to meet every need, our students have access to everything they require for a wholesome living experience.

So come, be a part of the MVA family and experience the joys of learning and growing in a truly welcoming and nurturing environment.

Ready to give your child a home away from home? Discover the magic of MVA's residential facilities and start their journey towards personal and academic excellence. Contact us today to schedule a visit or learn more about our boarding options.